Quantum Diaries blogs narrative physics

[Image from Quantum Diaries: A french birthday party and update on the Higgs boson, sterile neutrinos, and a physicist and a historian walking into a coffee shop are all good finds in the pages of Quantum Diaries.]

Quantum Diaries, don’t judge too quickly – there’s real substance to this site: “This project is not just about physics; it’s about being a physicist.” The site is a conglomeration, a revolving panel of about 100 bloggers writing narrative diaries about their “families, hobbies and interests, as well as their latest research findings and challenges that face them in their labs.”

It’s hard not to find something of interest from a global network of particle physicists writing topics from “the Higgs versus Descartes” to “the fifth dimension that Einstein missed.”

Supported by InterAction, a promoter of cross-border particle-physics cooperation, the blog site is “not just about physics; it’s about being a physicist.”

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